Question 1: What is your working hours?

We work with visitors, every day from 9 to 18:00 o'clock.

Question 2: How to get to you?

Deultum is an archaeological reserve in the vicinity of the modern day village of Debelt. There are several ways to get there. We recommend to be used the road E79 from Burgas to direction of Sredec. It is easy to find it, and will lead you right to the аrchaeological base where the museum is situated. In Burgas you can ask for directions to Sredets or Meden Rudink. When you get on that road it is straight forward 15 kilometers, after you cross the river in Konstantinovo, you will have just  2-3 kilometers until you see our establishment on the right side of the road.

Question 3: Is there a guide?

Yes! The guide works from Wednesday to Sunday and rest on Monday, and Tuesday. If you visit us, and the guide is at rest, we'll find a replacement. We can lead tours in Bulgarian and English language.

Question 4: What is your pricing?

Our prices are varied and tailored to different groups of people: 

Regular ticket - 5 leva.

Students, and retiree - 2 leva.

Children under 7 years of age, and disabled people - free.

Family ticket - 8 leva


Museum - 6 levа

Reserve - 6 levа

Museum and Reserve - 10 levа

Question 5: When the museum was opened?

Regular archaeological researches are conducted since the early 80s, when began the construction of Promet. Soon after,the museum was opened. With the fall of Socialism, the museum building was abandoned, in 2015 a reconstruction was carried out, and the museum reopens to visitors in March of year 2016.

Question 6: All exhibits there are authentic?

Of course. On some of the exhibits a restoration work were carried out, and they are set in a restored and/or reconstructed form, however this do not make them less real.